Nepal Airlines Plane Suffers Bird Collision, Repairs Underway

21st Nov, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Nov 21 : An airplane belonging to Nepal Airlines, known as Lumbini, of registration number 9N-KX Airbus A 320 has suffered damage to the nose due to bird collision upon landing at Tribhuvan International Airport on Sunday, 12:12 pm. The plane had returned to Kathmandu from the Indira Gandhi International Airport at Delhi carrying 135 passengers. Since the collision happened after the plane landed, there was no serious damage.

Together with Saturday’s incident, the plane 9N-KX has suffered bird collision a total of three times. The plane also suffered a collision on 7th July, 2016 at Tribhuvan Airport while leaving for Hong Kong with 59 passengers. Similarly, on 6th March, 2017, the plane suffered bird collision while returning to Kathmandu from New Delhi.

The radome of Airbus A 320, which was injured on Saturday, is a construction which protects the plane’s radar antenna as well as protects its electronic parts from the weather. The engineering team of Nepal Airlines is currently conducting the survey and repair process of the radome and Lumbini is likely to resume flights on the day after the part replacement.

Airplanes have been facing threats from wild animals and birds from a long period of time at Tribhuvan International Airport, which is the only international airport of the country. The incidents of bird collision has weakened the security of the international airport. The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal has been unable to find a solution to such problems until now.