26th Sep, 2016 | Tourism Mail Crew

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Nepal,a beautiful country, has located at northern hemisphere. It is a country which is situated at lap of Himalayas. Cultural diversity , scenic beauties ,arts and architectures, climatic diversity etc are some reasons that have created possibility of tourism has proportional relationship because of their dependency each other . There are some reasons and aspects that are highly responsible to create tourism in Nepal.

            Among different aspects, its scenic beauties are best aspects to attract tourism in Nepal. There is no climate and land structure in the world which Nepal has. Terai and its plain land, wide flat surface, fertile land, trophical monsoon forest. Hilly and its bio-diversity,mountain ,fertile valleys,gorges,tas,basin,terrance land,flowing rivers etc and Himalayas and its always snow-caped mountains,glaciers,alpine and tundra climate are some of attractive aspects of Nepal.


            Cultural diversity and its arts and architecture are also another reasons to attract tourists in Nepal .Nepal hasmore than 100 ethnic groups. Their languages, life style, traditions, cultures,customs are also attractive subject matter for tourist to visit Nepal . Nepal’s capital Kathmandu is known as city of temples in the world. We have differcut temples, stupas, mosques etc which wereconstructed many century before. These all temples, stupas and other construction have their own arts, architecture and designs. They are also live source to know old Nepalese society and their whole informations.

            Nepal has immense capability of water resources. We have many rivers where rafting is possible. Not only rafting,bunzy jump,rock climbing and many others adventurous works are possible in Nepal. So,many tourist who come to Nepal is for adventerious work. It has been possibility of trekking. It has many more trekking route where tourist can enjoy trekking with many beautiful places.


       It has great possibility of religious tourism. Being a hindu country Nepal has many more ancient types of temples, gumbas etc that have their own religious faith and belief, pashupatinath temple,swayambhunath,muktinath,janaki temple,lumbini,pathivara temple etc are main temples of Nepal where numerous tourist come to visit from our neighbouring countries as pilgrime.


            Therefore, we can say that Nepal has great possibility of tourism. It has become one of the source of national income.But we are not able to utilize these all possibilities properly. How much we should be worry and serious in these aspects, this much we have not thought yet.So,we have to be serious to bring foreign investors to invest in its field . Not only foreign tourist , we have lot of chance to increase our internal tourism . So that all the responsible organizations , persons and government of Nepal must take some of the steps which help to promote tourism in Nepal.