Nepal Army assigned for the preliminary Construction of Nijgadh Airport

3rd Apr, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, April 3: The government has assigned the Nepal Army for the preliminary construction of Nijgadh Airport in Bara of Nepal. Construction of the airport, that was limited to papers for the past two decades, was handed over to NA as appointing a contractor company would take more time.

The cabinet meeting on March 13 had decided to hand over preliminary construction of the airport to NA as per the proposal of Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation.Joint Secretary of Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Suresh Acharya said NA will construct all the infrastructure including road connecting to the airport, cut down trees and link the road with the Fast-Track, among others.

With the approval of cabinet, NA has to submit construction proposal to the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation. Acharya said the construction agreement will be sealed once the NA submits proposal.

The government has claimed that construction of airport would gather pace after handing over the responsibility to NA. It is estimated that more than 600,000 trees will have to cut down for construction of the airport. The government has also decided to entrust safety of logs and trees to NA.

Meanwhile, NA has said that construction of airport cannot be commenced this fiscal year. A proposal on environmental evaluation has to be passed and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment has to grant approval for cutting down trees.

NA has informed that it will begin chopping trees only after July as the process of selecting advisors for environment evaluation has just begun.

The budget allotted for the current fiscal year may freeze in lack of land acquisition due to compensation disputes. There is also dispute about the replacement rate of planting for cutting trees.

The Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation says over 10 plants have to planted while cutting down a tree, whereas, the Forest Ministry says 25 will have to be planted while cutting down a tree.