Nepal-China regular flights resume from June

23rd May, 2022 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, May 23: Nepal-China direct flight, which has been suspended for two years. will resume from june first week.
China has stopped direct flights from Nepal due to the Covid pandemic.

Cargo flights have been operating for the past two years and now there will be regular flights. Himalaya  Airlines, which flies to Nepal, has received a schedule from China Civil Aviation Authority to fly to China.

"We had given the flight schedule to the airlines flying from China to Nepal but the flight could not take place as it was not allowed to take passengers to China," said an official of the Civil Aviation Authority.

China has been in control of the epidemic since the first week. The Civil Aviation Administration of China has decided to allow flights to selected areas.

The authority is confident of opening regular flights in Nepal as well.

"As soon as Himalaya  Airlines gets the schedule for regular flights, the Chinese company flying to Nepal will also give official information," the official said. It also flies in Nepal. '

Although there have been many chartered flights between Nepal and China in the last two years, there have been no regular flights.

"China did not ask for a flight schedule from the authority as it did not give permission for the flight," he said.

Himalaya  Airlines has taken Kathmandu-Kunming direct flight schedule from the authority. Himalaya  Airlines has opened bookings for Kunming flights since late May.