Nepal earns 58 Billions sends out 79 Billion Rupees in tourism sector last fiscal year

3rd Sep, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Sep 03: Nepal in 2016/17 earned  58 Billion 520 Million 690 Thousand rupees as revenue from the foreign tourists who came on visit to the Himalayan Nation. The revenue which Government of Nepal earned in 2016/17 in comparison to 2015/16 is more by 40 Percent.

In the year 2015/16 Nepal have earned 41 Billion 760 Million 530 Thousand Rupees as revenue which came from the expenditure of the tourists. Likewise, the revenue stood at 53 Billion 420 Million and 860 Thousand during the fiscal year of 2014/15.

But in contrary to the income the expenditure while Nepali nationals go out for visit has increased significantly throwing out millions of rupees during visit to foreign countries. As per the latest data from Nepal’s Central Bank, Nepal Rastra Bank the Outbound Tourism is increasing constantly.

In 2016/17 the Outbound Tourism of Nepal increased by 41.7% meaning a total of 79 Billion 920 Million rupees went out of Nepal for tourism. In 2015/16 it stood at 56 billions 410 Million Rupees. Likewise in 2014/15 53 Billion 190 Million rupees went off Nepal ofr Outbound tourism, the data from the Nepal Rastra Bank shows. But this data from the Central Bank of Nepal excludes Ticket Fare, Visa Expenses and other expenses undergoing processing’s.