Nepal finds evidence against Briton Tourist, Blames them for making attempt to defame Himalayan Nation

29th Sep, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Sep 29: The British Women who was seen in an viral video being chased by a Nepali women in Annapurna Trekking Route is under Police surveillance as it is understood that the tourist has done mistakes.

The Tourism Department and the Tourist Police in co-ordination with the local bodies is set to increase vigilance over the Briton whom they have found guilty of defaming Nepal with the investigation underway.

35 year old Jemma and her 15 years son Charlie is identified of defaming Nepal by hiding their flaws, the preliminary police investigation has shown. The police have found that the Mother and the Child made an attempt to escape the payment at a tea shop while they were trekking earlier this month and they have filmed the events afterwards.

The police also found that the Britons didn’t take any guides and went to the circuit without any knowledge about it. The news leading to the negative impression of the Nepal after the 45 days of the incident also have proved the ill intention of the trekkers, the police claimed.

“If they had some problems then they could have informed the local police but they didn’t. This shows their negative intention and we have started the vigilance over them,” Dinesh Thapa, Investigation Officer of Tourist Police, Nepal said.

Director General of Tourism Department Dinesh Bhattarai also expresses same speculation as they disclosed the video after their return to Britain.

“We are making the investigation and we will punish them. The event occurred on `14 of August and the video surfaced only on September 10. They could have complained us but didn’t why?” Bhattarai questioned.