Nepal Government’s aim to bring in One Million tourists, will it succeed?

5th Nov, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU. Nov. 5: In comparison to last year the tourist’s number in first eight months of Nepal is high by 1, 42, 000 further pushing the number by 25.11 percent. With the completion of the year the entrepreneurs here in the country are hopeful that the government aim can be accomplished.

According to the data from the Nepal Tourism Board the total number of foreign nationals arriving Nepal via air stands at 5, 66, 200 in the first eight months of 2018. In the previous year it stood at 4, 24, 000 at the same time duration and it stood to 7, 41, 000 in the whole year of 2016.

Tourism entrepreneurs see the attraction of tourists to climb the small peaks and the season favoring it behind the reason for the continued influx.

Hotel Occupancy stands at 80 pc

With the rise in tourist influx the occupancy rate of hotels in Nepal stands at 80 percent. The entrepreneurs have expected the rate to continue till the mid of November which started from the month of August.

“The booking is at the peak,” HAN’s CEO Prabesh Aryal said.

Nepal has two hotels which are four stars rated, 12 hotels which are three star rated, 22 hotels with two stars, 18 with One star rated and 1 Hundred 65 hotels without stars.

The Indian and Chinese Tourists behind the influx

As of now the Indian and the Chinese tourists has become the main foundation and sustainability of the Nepali tourism industry. The investors in Nepal have been investing in Nepal observing the influx from the Southern and the Northern neighbors.

The Indian tourists’ influx topped the list followed by the Chinese this year. In 2016 and 2015 too, the list was topped by Indian tourists followed by Chinese who is followed by the Sri Lankan and the Americans.

The devastating quake of 2015 pushed the tourism industry of Nepal back and Nepal is slowly getting back to the track from the slumber of the quake.

In the year of 2012, Nepal have witnessed heavy flow of tourists with the number standing at 8, 03,000. In 1998 when the “Visit Nepal” initiative was introduced it brought in 4,63, 684 tourists. Now the government is aiming to bring in One million tourists this year and double it by the end of the current decade.