Nepal has 120 Starred and 985 tourist hotels

2nd Jul, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, July 2 : The starred hotels in Nepal have grossly increased to 120.

According to the Economic Survey of 2073/74 the number of starred hotels in Nepal was 116 in the fiscal year of 2072/73 and now in the fiscal year of 2073/74 it has reached 120.

Apart from the Starred hotels the tourist hotels, lodges and resorts stood to 960 in the fiscal year of 2072/73 which now has climbed to 985 in the first 8 months.

Along with the increase in number of starred hotels the number of beds in the starred hotels also has increased simultaneously from 9 thousand 7 Hundred 10 in fiscal year 2072/73 to 10 Thousand 71 in the year of 2073/74 's first eight months.