Nepal imports aircrafts and helicopters costing more that 5 billion rupees in 3 months

5th Nov, 2019 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Nov 05: In the first six months of the current fiscal year, Nepali airlines have purchased aircrafts and helicopters of more than five billion rupees. According to the information provided by Custom Department, within the month of July, August and September aircrafts, helicopters and other parts parts costing 5 billion rupees were entered in Nepal.

With the expansion in the domestic market, Nepal airlines have recently added aircrafts and helicopters. Domestic Airlines having huge market in Nepal  have also added ships in the meantime. They have brought ships worth 2 billion 710 million rupees. Similarly, only the parts used in the ship have been imported costing around 560 million rupees.

In the last three months, Yeti airlines and Buddha Air have brought 1-1 ATR 72 aircraft. Likewise, another major operator of the domestic market, Shree Airlines, has also brought 2 Bombardier turbojet ships. Along with aircrafts, the helicopters has also been brought to Nepal which amounted to 2 billion rupees. The demand for helicopters being used for rescue and sightseeing is increasing in mountainous tourism that's why the operators have been adding more and more helicopters. 

This data does not include statistics on helicopters and cargo ships purchased by the Nepal Army . The Army has purchased aircrafts of more than four and a half billion rupees.