Nepal-Korea direct flight from Nepal Airlines

23rd Jan, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Jan 23: Nepal Airlines is set to start three direct flights in a week from Kathmandu to South Korea at Inchon International Airport.

The corporation has made a preliminary flight schedule for the Airbus wide-body aircraft which is to fly on the route.

Nepal Airlines will conduct Kathmandu-Inchon flight on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday and Inchon-Kathmandu flight on Monday, Thursday and Friday.

The spokesperson of NAC, Mr Rabindra Shrestha informed 2 wide-body aircraft will arrive in Kathmandu in June and accordingly there will be commencement of flights. Shrestha said that the flights to South Korea will commence soon after the arrival of aircrafts.

The department has also commenced the GSA appointment process. The airline will arrive in Nepal between May and August 2018. In countries like Japan, China and Australia the NAC is making preparations to start flights.

Shrestha informed that the aircraft ordered by Portuguese company Highly is presently being constructed and the delivery date is fixed for April. Nepal Airlines has sent about 10 billion out of the total amount of Rs 21 billion according to the deal. The remaining amount  is to be sent  one week before the delivery of the plane.