Nepal Magar Tourism Community developing guerilla trekking trails, organizes Exposure Visit

11th May, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, May 11: New guerrilla trekking trails are being searched for new tourism possibilities. The new trails will be searched in the Rolpa, Rukum, Baglung, and Myagdi district. Although this project was started around 7 years ago, tourism promoters haven't come up with proper plans. Considering the situation, the Nepal Magar Tourism Community is searching for guerrilla trails. As these trails are associated with historical and political events, the society has decided to develop 'Exposure Visit' plan for the purpose of developing new routes.

According to the President of the society Anup Thapa Magar, the society has organized an 'Exposure Visit' on the basis of promoting guerrilla trail that lay undeveloped due to the lack of promotion. On the occasion, the Vice-President of the society, Rajkumar Thapa, informed about 'Exposure Visits' is organized as there is the Guerrillas trail holds a great prospects of cultural, historical and geographical conditions. "We have searched for the possibility of Guerrilla Trail that may have a new prospect in trekking," he said.

General Secretary of the society, Jeevan Thapa Magar, informed that this visit will be started from 26th May and it will be continued for 9 days. However, the guerrilla trek can be done from 10, 15 days to one or two months.

The journey will be completed by reaching the Beni of Myagdi after travelling through Jelwang of Rolpa, Thawag, Lukum of Rukum, Taksera Baglung and Burjadhor. These travelers will have to travel up to the height of four thousand meters. Home stay programs throughout the villages on the trail will be allow for accommodation during which the travelers can observe the culture, language, traditions of Magar community.

Mahesh Buda, Secretary of the Society said that there will be 40 participants, including journalists, tourists, government representatives, and tourism promoters. For this tour, Nepali citizens have been asked to pay Rs. 10,000 and foreign citizens will pay $350. From this trip, the guerrilla route is expected to develop as an important tourist destination.