Nepal Magar Tourism Society raises voice on irregularities in tourism activities

18th Jul, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, July 18: Experts and leaders said that illegal works are being carried out in this tourism sector. On the program organized by Nepal Magar Tourism Committee about Tourism and its challenges most of the speakers raised their voice against the irregularities in tourism business.

In the program, Women, Children and Social Affairs Minister Thapmaya Thapa Magar said that the businessmen should be ready to improve the internal weakness of the business. He said that the government will work together with private sector in tourism development of Nepal.

In the program, Communist Party (CPN-M) leader Surya Thapa said that the government should take action against the guilty persons.

Chairman of TAAN, Navaraj Dahal admitted on the weakness of the tourism business. He emphasized to improve the current condition and make tourism industry better. Chairman Dahal said that we are unable to display our monuments properly in front of tourists.In the program, First Vice President of  Nepal Magar Tourism Society, Rajkumar Thapa Magar, said that Nepal is going to focus on tourism activities for village  as most of the parts of Nepal consists of Village. He said that all the demands related to the tourism implemented and suggestions should be focused for development of sustainable tourism.

Other participants in the program expressed concern over the illegal activities in tourism business .They said that the businessmen themselves could not be responsible for making the business disciplined and dignified.