Nepal not to lease Bhutanese Aircraft

7th Jul, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, July 7: Nepal in lack of clear policy is said to be unable to bring the 17 year old Bhutanese aircraft on lease for a month and half.

Nepal's National Falg Carrier Nepal Airlines is due to send its sole Boeing 757 to Singapore for C check next week.

The plane set to go Singapore for maintenance was flying to 3 different destinations and its absence is sure to halt the operation as the effort to lease a new plane for time being has failed in lack of clear policies.

"It has reached the final level to lease one of the Aircraft of the Bhutan Airlines through the tender called for three time but the unclear description over the provision of lease and buying provision in the Act of Civil Aviation Authority hated the process to lease the aircraft," One of the official said.

The provision in the act of CAA has set the limit of 15 years to lease plane for temporary period of time. The Bhutan airlines proposed Airbus A 311 is 17 years old.

Nepal Airlines Corporation has been claiming that there is no clear indication over the age of non-military aircraft but claims there is indication over the buying of the aircrafts. But the Authority's Flight Safety Department has been claiming that aircraft exceeding the age of 15 years is inappropriate on the basis of the legal provisions and has stalled the permission.

NAC finalized the amount of 38 Hundred 50 Dollars per hour as wage to pay the Bhutan Airlines as per the prepared lease agreement.