Nepal starts Mountaineering Course for first time in world

9th Nov, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Nov 9 : Marking it as the first initiative mountainous country Nepal has started the studies over the Mountaineering as one faculty in academics. Nepal will be offering the academic study of the Mountaineering from the month of November.

As practiced in the world the Mountaineering has been confined as the subject of studies that depends on the training and the exercises. But the new initiative by Nepal will offer studies in the Graduation Level known as Bachelor of Mountaineering Study (BMMS) under the affiliation of the Tribhuwan University.

The Mountain Academy in Nepali capital Kathmandu will start the course from this month itself and now is undergoing interview and planning with the parents and the students who have succeeded to pass the entrance exam held some three months ago.

“Students from abroad also had shown interest to join the course but the provisions of the exams and other strategic deformities has halted it,” Executive Director, Krishna Kumar Niroula of the academy said.

He also claimed that the process to ease the procedure also is being carried out by the academy.