Nepal taking matters to ICAO after talks with India for a new entry point remain inconclusive

13th Apr, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Apr 13: Nepal is taking matters to ICAO after India presented difficulties in allowing new air entry points for international flights. The International Civil Aviation Organization is the international body for the regulation of aviation sector around the world.

"We have not been able to get permission for a new air entry point after repeated discussions with the Indian side. As a last resort, we are forced to take this matter to ICAO," said an official from the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal.

Flights coming to Nepal currently can only enter through India's Simara border point. The traffic at the Simara point has been increasing lately, posing significant problems. Talks for a new entry point have been inconclusive despite the Indian side giving positive responses.

While Nepal has put Nepalgunj as the most favorable entry point in discussions, India has not consented to the idea, instead offering Janakpur as a possible new entry point. Additionally, India has put the condition that it will only allow the Janakpur entry point if the Simara entry point is closed down. India also says that it is positive for allowing Nepalgunj as an entry point, despite refusing until this point.

Nepal has requested Mahendranagar as the entry point and Mechi, Jhapa as the exit point for aircraft. However, after the high-level visits of various ex-Prime Ministers to India were unable to bring talks to a conclusion, Nepal is taking the discussion to ICAO.