Nepal Tourism promotion policies for abroad

19th Dec, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Dec 19: The Nepal Tourism Board conducted an interaction program with tourism entrepreneurs at Nepal Tourism Board,  on 17th December, 2017 to discuss plans on promoting Nepalese Tourism abroad. The program was headed by the NTB-HPRR for Ireland and Visit Nepal Europe 2017 co-ordinator Deepesh Man Shakya, who discussed a number of ideas for tourism promotion policies for Nepalese tourism abroad.

The chief topic of the discussion was means to create a networking platform between tourism entrepreneurs in Nepal and Non-Resident Nepalese in various countries abroad, so that Nepalese tourism promotion can take place more directly in foreign countries. To this aim, Shakya focused on the need for creating a mechanism for tourism entrepreneurs in Nepal to directly connect to potential clients and tour operators abroad. He also discussed the potential of IT technologies including social media as well as tech gadgets like mobile apps to reach out to tourists more readily and enhance their experience in Nepal.

Shakya also suggested specific strategies to incorporate these policies. Specifically, he emphasized NTB-HPRRs (Nepal Tourism Board’s Honorary Public Relations Representatives) as an important part of the novel networking hub, acting as a contact point between tourism entrepreneurs Nepal with international contacts. He suggested the use of Nepalese restaurants abroad as Nepal tourism promotion hubs, with the view that the effort by individual establishments may pay greater dividends for each over time. Shakya also suggested developing lottery programs through these networks with the end prizes as attractive tour packages to Nepal. He emphasized the value of current and past tourists in attracting more tourists in the future by word of mouth, and suggested that implements be readily placed to capitalize on this mechanism, like creating a media bank of information with ease of access.

He emphasized a need for strong social media presence for all major tourism organizations, with a ready access to information for potential tourists on a well-updated media bank using various social media sites like facebook and youtube. He also suggested the development of tech gadgets like Virtual Guide and Instant Tour Itinerary Maker as mobile phone apps.

Among other ideas for direct tourism promotion abroad was the use of Nepalese cuisine to interest potential visitors in Nepalese culture. The discussion also recognized the untapped resource in the students of hospitality and tourism sector and and participants hoped to integrate the hospitality and tourism education sector more closely to organizational efforts at improving tourism in Nepal.