Nepalese facing trouble for getting tickets of Lukla

30th Sep, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Sep 30: Nepali citizen faces trouble in getting the ticket of Khumbu region. As the airline company gets more profit on carrying foreigners, Nepalese are facing trouble in buying the tickets of Airlines Company. According to the Manager of Air Corridor Travels and Tours, Roshan Thulung, around 20-25 Nepali citizens are in search of tickets on daily basis.  Due to insufficient flights towards Lukla and private ownership of the flights Nepali are facing such problems.

Thulung said that the companies are prioritizing the profit rather than service that’s why we are facing such problems. Currently, the fees of the flight from Kathmandu- Lukla is 8,704 for Nepalese, 14,805 for Indians and 18,000 for the foreigners from third countries.

The people are complaining for not getting tickets after waiting for 1 week. Due to the festive season and suitable weather around 3-4 hundred tourists arrive there in Lukla Airport. The flights are not being able to operate their service on time. So the people are compelled to travel Annapurna Mountain rather than Lukla.