Nepalgunj Airport faces traffic jam with overflow of passengers and flights

19th Sep, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

NEPALGUNJ, Sep 19 : The Nepalgunj airport has been struck with an unprecedented air traffic jam with a surge in the number of incoming and outgoing flights.

The airport is currently serving 10 flights to Kathmandu and 20 flights to Karnali region per day which has resulted in air traffic clog.

The flights landing at the airport are also struggling for space to park. The aircrafts are forced to remain on hold in the sky due to other flights taking off or landing.

Airport's Chief Pratap Babu Tiwari shared that the airport faces the intensity of the traffic whenever the flights to and from Kathmandu arrives.

Three flights each of Buddha Air and Yeti Airlines and two each from Saurya and Shree Airlines have been operating flights every day between Nepalgunj and Kathmandu.

Seven airlines including Tara, Sita, Yeti, Simrik and Kasthamandap have been operating flights to Karnali from Nepalgunj. The Humla – Simikot flights have increased due to a surge in the number of visitors to Mansarovar.

The airport's current capacity can hold only seven twin otters at a given time. The airport has prepared a new routine with half an hour's gap for flights coming from Kathmandu, but still the erratic weather pattern has been creating problems.