Nepali airlines offer “Cheap fare” for Domestic flights targeting festive season

13th Oct, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Oct 13: Nepali airlines have offered cheaper fare for the passengers returning back to capital Kathmandu after celebrating Dashain and further for those who will return after Chhath.

Previously, before the start of Dashain passengers had to face shortage of tickets to go home. But now the Nepali Airlines companies are giving air tickets in cheap. Airlines are giving one-way tickets at 2 thousand rupees to those who prefer to go to visit Pokhara, which is regarded as the expensive route.

Airlines are providing cheap tickets for travelers going out of Kathmandu due to a vacuum seat flight. Airlines are giving the cheapest tickets after scarce of passengers.

There are tickets at 3 thousand rupees for people visiting Biratnagar from Kathmandu. But they are non refundable tickets. But the price reaches to 7 thousand rupees when there are crowds of travelers. Lots of tickets are provided at 2000 rupees for those who travel from Kathmandu to Bharatpur.

Similarly, tickets are available for 3 thousand rupees in the Kathmandu Valley. But in other time, the price reaches to 8 thousand rupees. Similarly, the price is reduced to 2 thousand rupees for Bhairahawa from Kathmandu. Similarly, it cost only 3 thousand Rupees from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj but in other times, the price reaches to 9 thousand rupees.

Expensive and cheap fare

Destination                            Cheap                                                                    Expensive

Biratnagar                               3000                                                                        7100

Bhadrapur                               2800                                                                        8600

Dhanghadi                               3700                                                                       12100

Bhairahawa                              2800                                                                      5900

Nepalgunj                                 3200                                                                       9400

Pokhara                                      2200                                                                     5400