“Nepali Gastronomy Locally and Globally” expedition promoting Nepali cuisines

2nd Jan, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Jan 02: A new expedition “Nepali Gastronomy Locally and Globally”was started with beginning of the year 2018 for the promotion of Nepali cuisines all over the world.

The Vice Chairman of Chefs Association of Nepal, Mr. Suresh Basnet informed that the expedition mainly aims to promote different types of Nepali cuisines from all over Nepal, locally as well as internationally.

The President of Chefs Association of Nepal, Mr. Shreeram Adhikari said that 20 different types of Nepali cuisines are ready to be presented and it needs to be internationally modified to some extend for more promotion. He also added that in foreign countries the occupation of chef is really respected but in Nepal less hospitality and respect is given to the chefs.

The organizer informed that the expedition which started from the Nepali food tasting at Kathmandu’s “Big Food Land” had spread to Sunsari, Sarlahi, Chitwan, Pokhara and now all over Nepal. This campaigning of “Nepali Gastronomy Locally and Globally” also plans to promote Nepali cuisines in Turkey’s 16th International Gastronomy Feast, different restaurants in Britain and even in countries like Australia and America.