Nepali organization starts donating masks to Chinese people to fight against coronavirus

1st Feb, 2020 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Feb 01: A Nepali organization 'Society of Sino-Nepalese Himalayan Studies' has extended support to China to fight the novel coronavirus outbreak by sending surgical masks. The Kathmandu-based organization plans to send at least 500,000 masks to different Chinese cities within a month to help the national cope with the epidemic. 

As part of the symbolic handover, Nepali former Deputy Prime Minister Sujata Koirala presented the masks to Yee Liang, chairman of the organization from the Chinese side at a small ceremony in Kathmandu on Friday.

As part of the support campaign, the organization has already sent 20,000 masks to Sichuan Province in the first phase, while it will send 100,000 masks to Beijing in the next two days. The remaining masks will be sent to different cities of Sichuan Province including Chengdu, Leshan and Meishan. 

Presenting the masks to the Chinese representative, leader Koirala, who is also the chairman of the GP Koirala Foundation, expressed that all the countries have to fight the situation together. 

"In this hard time, we all must come together to fight this deadly virus. We people from Nepal would like to wish Chinese people and government all the best and success to contain this virus, " Koirala said. 

Appreciating the role of Chinese doctors and nurses, who are working day and night to save lives across China, Koirala shared that she is amazed to see the Chinese people standing together for the nation. 

"We all are aware that China has faced many struggles in the past. I am confident that it will be successful in winning this battle too," Koirala said.
According to Yee Liang, who has been living in Nepal since last 6 years, it is the right time to show love and respect to each other. "No matter the country or big is small, it needs help from the neighbors at the difficult times. The latest situation is one of the examples," Liang said. 

Society of Sino-Nepalese Himalayan Studies informed that they are buying masks from different companies, worth Rs 2.5 million, and will import from India, if necessary. There is a scarcity of masks in the market, as it has been regarded as the foremost and basic medium to prevent infections, the organization said. 

Rajan Adhikari, coordinator of the organization said, "At the time of earthquake in 2015, China had helped us immensely in search, rescue and relief efforts. This time, we are trying to help China as per our capacity. I am hopeful that it will boost our friendship."  

Over 200 people have already died while around 10,000 have been infected in different countries by the novel coronavirus, which has been declared a global health emergency by World Health Organizations.