Nepali participants have culinary experience of Thai cooking in Hotel Annapurna

22nd Aug, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, August 22: The participants at the Thai cookery program held at Hotel Annapurna had a treat after the conclusion of "EXPLORING THAILANDA Culinary Experience with Master Chefs" held in Kathmandu.

The event which was organized in capital Kathmandu in help from Royal Thai Embassy, in co-operation of with the Nepal- Thai Friendship Cooperation Society and in support of Hotel Association of Nepal (HAN), Restaurant and Bar Association of Nepal (REBAN) saw the participants who had passion for cooking Thai foods.

A statement from the Hotel Association of Nepal (HAN) stated that the participants from other different groups and also the cooks from the HAN and REBAN learnt from Master Chefs from Thailand to cook the authentic Thai dishes.

"It is better that we prepare a few excellent dishes rather than a large variety of mediocre ones. So we are delighted," Shreejana Rana, 1st Vice President of HAN representing the Women Hoteliers League said.

"When the Royal Thai Embassy agreed to help us by having the Master Chefs from Thailand conduct demonstrations of these authentic Thai dishes," she added.

During the program the Chef Panjama Praphapantasak, Chef Naunpen Thumasa and Chef at Khusee demonstrated the cooking methods of four dishes, the statement from HAN stated.