Nepal’s national flag carrier to bear name in "Nepali"

29th Oct, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU,  Oct 29: The two wide body Airbus 330-200 series arriving soon in Nepal will bear the name of the airlines in Nepali too which will showcase “Nepal Airlines” in Devanagari. It is the first time that Nepal Airlines will have its’ 280 seated twin aircrafts bearing name in Nepali.

“The Nepal airlines have suggested the Airbus to write the name of airlines in both Nepali and English script,” Nepal Airlines Managing Director Sugat Ratna Kansakar said.

Some weeks ago only the hosting company High Fly and Airbus delegation have arrived Nepali capital to discuss over the matter and Nepal Airlines requested for the writing on the body of the plane at that time.

“The team had agreed to deliver first aircraft on May of 2018 and the second will be delivered in June and each of the aircrafts will have 2 Hundred 80 seats each,” Kansakar added.

The Nepal Airlines have acquired a total loan of 8 billion rupees from Citizen Investment Fund and Provident Fund for first installment payment and will deliver the second installment at the time of delivery.

The Nepal Airlines had made the deal of 200 million dollars to buy the first wide body aircraft.