Nepal’s stalled train to hit tracks next year, expected to push up tourism

27th Nov, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

JANAKPUR, Nov 27 : It’s been three years that the engines has fall silent and the coaches turned to be playground for the children’s, place to bask the cow dung and latrines for locals here.

It’s the only railway that once uses to link up India and Nepal and benefit the people but after 2014 this freight has gone out of track but it is making and attempt to revive from next year and in its Southern neighbor’s funding.

 “Talking about the progress we are inching towards the completion. It will come under operation from the Biwaha Panchami,” Mukesh Kumar Yadav Site Supervisor of the Janakpur- Jayanagar Railway said further adding “The task of earth work has been completed, the work of the culvert is almost complete and the bridge is also in its final stage of completion.”

The tracks of the railways which had been the backbone for the trans country trade for people living in Janakpur will be laid after the completion of the other infrastructures and will be completed before 25th of March, 2018 (Biwah Panchami) if the pace of works goes smoothly as of now.

With the revival of the freight locals here are excited for the ease in transport and reduction of the time consumption.

The reviving railway operating between Jayanagar- Jayanagar- Bijalpura- Bardibas will be completed in three phases which is estimated to cost 5.48 billion Indian ruppes, mostly in Indian Government’s aid and is awarded to two companies.

The Nayak Infrastructure of Assam, India is awarded with the contract to lay down the 24 Kilometer track between the Irarwa (India) to Kaipleshwor of Janakpur. Likewise, the Raman Construction of Janakpur is constructing the 25 Kilometer segment between Kapileshwor and Bijalpur of Mahottari. Along with the revival of the rail transport the upgrading of the track is on the progress as the 2 ft and 6 inch (Narrow Gauge) is expanded to 5 ft 6 inch (Wide Guage).

“It is a matter of happiness for us, it will good for the people as they come here and go there. People from there (India) comes here and people from here goes there (India) It would be good for the people in the Janakpur, the poor ones,” Mithilesh Yadav a local residing near the railway construction site said.

As the train service over the countries got stalled from 2014 the trade through this point was shifted to other border point and with the revival of the rail way the economy of the place is expected to rise along with the slash in the time consumption for the travelling to capital Kathmandu.

“After the Government of Nepal resumes the rail service we will feel appeased and amused. A station also will be there in Bardibas and the traveling time will be slashed to go Kathmandu,” Bharat Ray Yadav, a local ice cream vendor said.

The rail way which will have its track expanded to Bardibas of Mahottari district some 44.1 Kilometers distance will be completed in much shorter time as it takes about 1 and half hour by bus. With the revival of the train it is expected to take less than One hour.