Nepal’s Tourism Promotion: Preparations for agreement with CNN and Lonely Planet underway

1st Nov, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Nov. 1: In order to promote tourism of Nepal the Nepal Tourism Board is undergoing preparations to sign deal with CNN and Lonely Planet for the International tourism promotion for the current fiscal year.

The board in previous year has made the same agreement with the BBC, Reuters and the Trip advisor. This year the board is making plan to seal the agreement of 30.5 million rupees with each organization.

“The budget for the board was endorsed some days before only and we already have started the preparations for the agreement to be sealed,” CEO of NTB Deepak Raj Joshi said.

In the previous fiscal year the Nepal Tourism Board has sealed the agreement of Six Hundred and 50 thousand American dollar, Seventy Five thousand American dollars and Two Hundred 50 Thousand American dollar agreement with BBC, Reuters and Trip Advisor. The agreement with BBC and Reuters was for six month and that with Trip Advisor was for a year.

In the previous year the board had allocated a total of 140 million rupees for the promotion. The NTB also has claimed that the international promotion of last year helped a lot in bringing more tourists to the country and continued it for the next year too.

“We have set the International priority for this year too so we have chosen two additional international organizations for the same purpose,” CEO Joshi said.