Nepal's Yeti Airlines alliance with UN for SDGs

20th May, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, May 20: Nepal’s Yeti Airlines and the United Nations have agreed to promote global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to raise awareness to reduce poverty, improve wellbeing and protect the environment.

Known as the Global Goals, the SDGs are being promoted by the United Nations worldwide to reach targets to improve health, education and development by 2030 which most countries in the world have signed up to. these are realistic goals that replace the earlier Millennium Development Goals which Nepal mostly achieved.

Under the partnership, the UN and Yeti Airlines will undertake joint initiatives to raise awareness on the SDGs and mobilise relevant stakeholders and advocate for their contribution to the achievement of the Goals. Yeti’s new aircraft as well boarding passes and other literature will carry the SDG goals and slogans.

The partnership will also explore, adopt and promote innovative and sustainable business models in the aviation and tourism industry that would help Nepal meet some specific SDG indicators in the areas of climate change adaptation, poverty reduction and gender equality.

The SDGs and the Agenda 2030 – adopted by the UN Member States, including Nepal, in September 2015 – recognise the private sector as one of the key partners in advancing the Global Goals with its resources, technology and innovation to aid and accelerate the SDG implementation process.

UNDP Nepal Country Director Renaud Meyer and Yeti Airlines CEO Umesh Chandra Rai signed the  agreement on Thursday in Kathmandu.

“The United Nations in Nepal is pleased and excited to have the Yeti Airlines as our first private sector partner for the Global Goals in Nepal. This has certainly given a very positive message to the development and business communities in Nepal and the world over about the important role the private sector can play in advancing the SDGs,” said UNDP Nepal Country Director Renaud Meyer.

He added that SDGs are the responsibility of not just the government and UN agencies but everyone, including the private sector and civil society.

“Giving back to the society in every possible way has been a part of our regular practice and initiative, as flying is not the only thing we do,” said Yeti Airlines CEO Umesh Chandra Rai. “As a company doing responsible business, we are glad to have this opportunity to work together with the United Nations for the global cause.”