New trekking route being designed in Manaslu

8th Mar, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Mar 08: Tourist businessmen are looking for a new trekking route after the Nepali Army started road construction at the famous Manaslu road. An alternative route is going to be discovered in the initiative of entrepreneurs affiliated with the trekking agencies.

"We have prepared a new route as the army is going to construct the road on the way to Budigandaki," said Sonam Lama, organizer of Chumghyali homestay, adding that this route will be more useful not only short-term but after the road construction too. "After the road construction, new roadways will be useful for tourists," he said.

"The path of village settlement is far better than the way of the river," said Lama. He said that there would be no pollution of motor vehicles in Upper Manaslu. They have said that GPS tracking has been installed in the ways to the new route. Lama has suggested organizing homestay in the trekking route. He also mentioned that the route is suitable for campsite too. He said that the residents of Gurung Basti, Dharat, Yarsa, Kashigaun, Kerauja, are ready for starting homestay service.