Newar community celebrates Ghantakarna Festival

9th Aug, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Aug 09: Gathamug festival or Ghantakarna Chaturthi is being celebrated among Newar community today. Dummies of the demons are erected at street crossroads. People are worship and offer sacrifices to demons, serpents and other supernatural and natural elements like wind, water and fire since time of inceptions to get rid of evil powers and the legendry demons.


There is a belief in Nepal “there was a Demon named Ghantakarna, a legendry demon who spread havoc amongst the people. This festival is believed to be celebrated to remember the end of Ghantakarma.

On this day, people also wear metal rings called gathemangal ko aunthi.  

This Ring is believed to have the power to safeguard people from all ills and evil spirits. . Before nightfall, the locals hammer three legged nails onto the door lintels to scare away the ghosts. There are various legends and myths attached to the Ghanta Karna devil that is revered as well as feared.

Children make dummies of ghantakarna is made of bamboo, branches of plants and dry maze plant. When somebody passes by the side of the effigy the children collect money from them in the name of Ghanta Karna. On this day people also performing cleaning and act out legendary drama on street.