Jul 13, 2024

73 American billionaires came to visit Nepal

73 American billionaires came to visit Nepal

KATHMANDU, Oct 12: Seventy three American billionaires have come to visit Nepal by private jet.

Nepal, which is famous for adventure tourism in the world, is recently becoming the choice of the wealthy for vacationing. Meanwhile, a team of American billionaires came to Nepal by chartering a private jet 'Boeing 757' belonging to the National Geographic Society.

The flight from Vietnam landed at Tribhuvan International Airport at 9:37 am on Tuesday. They have come to visit various destinations in Nepal. However, due to bad weather, he has decided to cut short his stay in Nepal and go to Bhutan.

In particular, they went on a world tour with a charter ship. The team of American billionaires includes members of the National Geographic Society Board of Directors. It has not been made public who is participating in the visiting team.

Although the Boeing 757 series aircraft brought by them on charter has a capacity of 233 seats, only 80 business class seats have been reserved because it will be used for 'VIP' flights.

They paid $94,995 per person for a couple and $14,495 per person for a single stay.

Those who came with an itinerary from Kathmandu to Lhomanthang in Mustang will spend only one night in Kathmandu due to bad weather. That is why they have canceled the Mustang tour and toured various destinations in Kathmandu Valley on Tuesday. They are now staying at Hotel Dwarika in Battisputali, Kathmandu.

"Their plan from Lo manthang in Mustang to staying in Meghauli Serai in Chitwan was canceled due to bad weather," a source involved in the travel management of the American billionaires told Capital Nepal. Otherwise, there was an itinerary to visit Nepal for a week.'

If the weather was not bad, it was planned to go by plane from Kathmandu to Pokhara and from Pokhara to Jomsom on Wednesday and from there take a car to Lo Manthang. However, since the weather has worsened for a few days, they have canceled their plans to visit that destination and are going to Bhutan.

They will go to Bhutan after having breakfast in Dhulikhel on Wednesday morning. A Bhutan Airlines charter plane will come and pick them up. After visiting Thimpu and Paro in Bhutan for two days, he will return to Kathmandu on Friday and directly from Tribhuvan Airport will take his own charter plane to India.

The charter plane of Bhutan Airlines will come to Kathmandu on Wednesday only to pick up the American billionaires and will stay there for two nights and bring them to Nepal on Friday. Until then, the charter plane brought by them will stay at Tribhuvan Airport. A program has been decided to go to India on Friday and visit the Taj Mahal and other destinations there.

American billionaires who have gone on a world tour have also included Nepal in their tour list. They arrived in Nepal on the 13th day after going on a 24-day tour.

Their journey started from Washington DC, USA and reached Nepal through Peru, Chile, Iceland, Australia, Cambodia.

They have an itinerary from Nepal to Bhutan, India, Tanzania, Jordan, Morocco and from there back to America.