Jul 16, 2024

Kori Trek: How to get there? (Photo Feature)

Kori Trek: How to get there? (Photo Feature)

Kori is a hill station full of scenic views in the lap of Lamjung Himalaya. This mountain is located in the northern part of Kaski district at an altitude of 3800 meter and it is in the middle point of Nepal. In this place full of beautiful natural scenery, you can experience beautiful scenes in different seasons.

During the rainy season, the mountains are covered with colorful flowers. Sheep herds are also taken to graze in this season. You can see the beautiful scenery of sheep grazing over the greenery grassland. Likewise, the plants on the mountains turns golden and orange colors during autumn. The mountains are seen covered in different colors.

In winter, it is seen that the whole mountain is covered with pure white snow like wheat flour. Looking at the mountains covered with white snow on all sides, it feels like reaching heaven. Although Kori is full of so many natural beauty, however, lack of publicity has been a major stumbling block for getting flow of tourists in the region. 

To start the Kori trail, you will reach Sikles village after a 3 to 4 hour journey by jeep or bus from Kaukhola in Pokhara. Kori trekking starts from Sikles village. Madi River is reached after a few hours of downhill walk from Sikles village. Crossing the suspension bridge on the Madi River, after 4 to 5 hours of uphill hiking, the first day rest point Tasa is reached. There is a hotel in Tasa located in the middle of the forest.

When you reach Kori Hill and look around, you will see mountain peaks covered with colorful flowers and you will feel like you have reached a different world. On the north side, you can see the Lamjung Himalaya and Annapurna Mountain, while on the south side, you can see long range hills.