Jul 12, 2024

Global IME Bank publishes Mandala art portrayed calendar for 2080 BS

Global IME Bank publishes Mandala art portrayed calendar for 2080 BS

KATHMANDU:Global IME Bank has published Mandala art portrayedCalendar for 2080 B.S .

During a program held on Friday, Chandra Prasad Dhakal, senior vice president of the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FNCCI) and chairman of the bank's board of directors,along with board of directors Ram Bahadur Bhandari, Madanlal Joshi, and Devendra Pratap Shah, chief executive officer Ratnaraj Bajracharya, and mandala artists Bhairaja Shakya and Nawang Lama  jointly published the calendar.

Global IME Bank prioritizes the promotion of local art, culture, and tradition in its calendar.

Dhakal, the bank's chairman, stated at the event that through the new calendar, we can contribute to the promotion of mandala painting and the respect of artists.

He stated that Global IME Bank has been active in the campaign to spread the country's original but unpromoted culture since its inception and that it is committed to promoting folk, art, culture, and artists in the future.

The calendar includes a mandala painting prepared by two artists who have been active in painting for two decades, Bhairaja Shakya and Nawang Lama, according to Bajracharya, the bank's chief executive officer.

He stated that it is their effort to spread Nepal's original mandala paintings throughout the country through calendars and to honor artists' contributions.

"It is our effort to integrate the scattered mandala artworks," he explained, "and we hope that this will promote the painting sector while also preserving local artworks and culture."

In the end, the artists expressed gratitude to the bank for selecting the mandala painting as the calendar.

Bank Chairman Dhakal also honored the artists on that occasion.