May 30, 2023

Seto Machhindranath Jatra Photo Exhibition

Seto Machhindranath Jatra Photo Exhibition

KATHMANDU, March 30: On the occasion of the 25th Silver Jubilee, the National Photojournalist Forum of Nepal (NFPJ) has organized a special photo exhibition titled Jatra Festival, Our Pride: Seto Machhindranath Rath Yatra. Yogesh Khadgi, the ward president of Kathmandu Metropolitan City 27, Yagya Ratna Tuladhar, the president of Ason Sewa Samiti, and Sujib Bajracharya, the coordinator of Jatra Management Committee, jointly inaugurated the photo exhibition, which will run from Thursday for three days.

Khadgi, the ward president of Kathmandu Metropolitan City 27, spoke at the opening event and thanked NFPJ for using photographs to share the Jatra with the world.

The NFPJ Nepal, organized the exhibition with assistance from Kathmandu Metropolitan City Ward Nos. 17, 21, 25, 27 and 28 and the Seto Machhindranath Rath Yatra Management Committee. The main location of the Ratha Yatra will host the exhibition.

The first day will be Ason, followed by Hanumandhoka on the second day, and Lagan Tole on the third. The exhibition includes more than 50 images that were captured by about 30 professional photojournalists and other photographers. Seto Machhindranath Jatra, in addition to Rath Yatra, is connected to numerous other elements and procedures.

Hindus and Buddhists alike worship Machhindranath, a deity who represents both faiths and is regarded as a representation of compassion.Hindus and Buddhists, is revered as a symbol of compassion. It is customary to take the idol in the local Janbahal temple and take it around the inner city in a ritualistic manner. Every year on Chaitra Shukla Ashtami, this Rath Yatra gets underway.

Chaitra Shukla Purnima begins in Jamal in Kathmandu and ends in Janbahal. The god of rain and the changing of the seasons is Seto Machhindranath. Machhindranath is typically worshipped as a god who banishes evil, protects against premature death, and shields against unrest and insecurity. People take part in the Jatra in the hope that by doing so, Goddess Lakshmi will enter the home and bring joy, prosperity, and peace to the family.