Jul 12, 2024

The Cliff to launches 'Crane Swing'

The Cliff to launches 'Crane Swing'

PARBAT, April 01:The Cliff, a popular adventure tourism destination, to be launch a new adventure game called "Crane Swing."

Raju Karki, chairman of The Cliff, , stated that the crane swing will begin within a week.

He claims that the work of preparing the necessary infrastructure for the swing has now reached its conclusion. "We're planning to launch this game in the next 5/6 days," Karki said. According to him, the swing will be located approximately 250 meters above ground level.

However, according to Karki, the rope is only 10 meters long. "We're going to put it into operation on the basis that it's appropriate for guests who come to The cliff to take photos and have new experiences," he explained. He claims that this type of swing was used for the first time in Asia and Nepal.

He claims that the swing is appropriate for both children and women. The swing is available for a fee of 250 rupees. Raju Karki's team offers adventure activities such as sky gliding, bungee jumping, sky cycling, and a sky cafe in Kushma on the mountain.