Jul 16, 2024

Savor the Flavors of Türkiye

Turkish Airlines has renewed all of its inflight dining menus

Savor the Flavors of Türkiye

KATHMANDU:Turkish Airlines continues to maintain its status as the airline with the world's best inflight dining concept with its renewed menus featuring new and delicious flavors.

In addition to being the airline flying to the more countries than any other in the world, the flag carrier, which frequently earns praise for the quality of service it offers its passengers, continues to provide delicious alternatives to its guests by renewing its dining menus for domestic and international flights in both business and economy classes.

With the aim of promoting Türkiye, Turkish Airlines includes flavors from both traditional Turkish cuisine and world cuisines in its new dining menus. The airline sources 80% of the products used in its menus from local producers. The menus, created with a preference for local and seasonal products, feature Rize tea, Afyon kaymak(cream), Erzincan honeycomb, and many other regional products.

Designed following healthy nutrition trends (protein, vegetable, fruit-based, and lower carbohydrate products), the menus are prepared daily by expert chefs using the freshest products, in a boutique production style. All meals are prepared using boutique cooking techniques specially designed for high volumes.

On the renewed inflight dining concept, Turkish Airlines Chairman of the Board and Executive Committee Prof. Dr. Ahmet Bolat stated: "As the flag carrier that offers the world's finest flavors to its guests through privileged concepts, we have prepared a menu that features traces of both traditional Turkish cuisine and world cuisines in our renewed menus. With this new concept, we have also initiated practices aimed at reducing plastic use and packaging waste within the scope of Turkish Airlines' Sustainability principle. While presenting Turkish flavors to our guests, we have also aiming to upload our paper menu cards to digital platforms for the sake of sustainability, allowing future generations to experience these tastes as well. We hope that our new menus will be appreciated by our guests, and we believe that we will continue our award-winning leadership in the field of inflight dining."

In the new economy class menus, unlike the previous offerings, egg dishes, homemade muesli, and cheese varieties will be included for breakfast hours on flights, while for mealtime flights, regional appetizers will be served alongside freshly prepared pasta and grilled options.

For business class meal services, homemade pasta, dumplings, and spaghetti options are added, along with main courses such as Adana kebab cooked over charcoal after being hand-minced, grilled fish, and many different regional appetizers.

Additionally, while previously only two main course options were offered during breakfast service, in the new period, three different main courses will be served. Other options such as pancakes, crepes, and French toast are also added to the menu to enrich it, and healthier breakfast items are being included in the new menu.

In addition to this, business class guests are also offered a variety of homemade mocktails (non-alcoholic cocktails) and detox drinks made from healthy ingredients in the new menus.