Jul 16, 2024

Tobacco and chewing gum prohibited for immigration officers

Tobacco and chewing gum prohibited for immigration officers

KATHMANDU, May 22:The use of cigarettes and chewing gum by immigration officers has been prohibited by the government. Jhalakram Adhikari, Director General of the Immigration Department, issued orders and provided this information to all Immigration Offices.

The guideline states that 'any employee seated at the immigration desk and on duty shall never consume cigarettes, gutkha, or chewing gum'. He also told the personnel to serve customers with a smile. The order further states that hospitality should be given top priority when offering services.

He also directed immigration offices to keep a help desk in the office and to assign obligatory personnel to it. The instructions further state that all personnel must adhere to the necessary dress code while on duty and remain dressed for the duration of the shift. During the duty period, no immigration officer will be permitted to leave the designated desk.

If you need to leave for whatever reason, the Director General has directed that you do so only after discussing with another officer or with the consent of the duty officer.