Jul 16, 2024

Tibet started Indians permits to visit Kailash Mansarovar

Tibet started Indians permits to visit Kailash Mansarovar

KATHMANDU, June 07:Tibet has opened to Indians a month after it allowed to Nepalese to visit Kailash Mansarovar. Tibet had stopped traveling to Kailash Mansarovar after the Corona pandemic, but it is reopening.

Hindus revere Kailash Mansarovar as a sacred location. The location was open to Nepalese on May 1, however it was only open to Indians on June 1.

Tenzin Norbu Lama, President of the Association of Kailash Tour Operators, stated that the number of Nepalese visitors participating in the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra has increased dramatically since the tour was allowed to Nepalis. He said that just 500 people traveled to Kailash from Nepal in May.

According to Lama, many Indian visitors wish to travel on the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra in June. He estimated their number to be between two and three thousand. It has now been agreed that PCR and vaccination resorts would no longer be necessary to visit Kailash Mansarovar.

Previously, 20,000 to 24,000 Nepalese tourists visited the holy religious location Kailash Mansarovar. When news broke that India was advancing on Nepali territory and constructing a road to Kailash Mansarovar, widely known as the pilgrims' shrine, the Chinese side had blocked the border crossing owing to the Covid-19 outbreak.

The opening of the Tibet border has sparked renewed interest among businesspeople and visitors. Nepal is the entry point to Mount Kailash. Businessmen predict that because religious travelers on the Kailash Yatra visit Pashupatinath and Muktinath, tourist arrivals in Nepal will grow.

The Kailash Yatra is seen as a "spiritual journey to the center of the universe" in which enormous power is confirmed. Mount Kailash, with a height of 6,714 meters, is believed to be Lord Shiva and Parvati's residence.