Jul 16, 2024

"Dragon Boat Race Festival" to be held in Pokhara

"Dragon Boat Race Festival" to be held in Pokhara

POKHARA, June 07: The Nepal-China Friendship Dragon Boat Race Festival will be hosted for the first time in Pokhara with the goal of attracting more Chinese visitors to Nepal while fostering cordial cultural and interpersonal ties between the two countries. As a collaborative effort by the Nepal Tourism Board, the Chinese Embassy in Nepal, and Pokhara Metropolitan City, a boat race has been planned in the tourist destination of Pokhara. Here, preparations have begun for the celebration, which will take place on June 23 and 24. The Phewa Lake Camping Chowk is where the festival is taking place.

The festival is supported by the Pokhara Tourism Council and the Chinese Overseas Association Pokhara. Eight special boats from China were transported to Pokhara for the boat race at the event, according to Pomnarayan Shrestha, head of the Pokhara Tourism Council.

He said that a boat race will take place between eight teams, including four from China and four from Nepal. 500 and 1000 meters will be covered in the race. Special guests from China are reportedly attending the festivities. The initiative would be crucial for promoting Pokhara, according to council chairman Shrestha. "Pokhara has become the preferred vacation spot for Chinese visitors," he remarked. The festival's location in Phewa Lake will hopefully bring in more Chinese tourists in the future.

According to Chairman Shrestha, Chinese and Nepali cuisine as well as a Chinese cultural program will be the festival's main draws. To take part in the Nepal-China Dragon Boat Race Festival, 260 individuals, including 60 athletes, will charter a jet and fly to Pokhara.

The Chinese team will arrive at Pokhara International Airport, which opened on January 1. For the same purpose, two chartered aircraft are prepared to depart from China and arrive in Pokhara. The festival is expected to cost Rs 25 million, according to Chairman Shrestha.