Jul 16, 2024

Nagapanchami religious festival being observed (Photo Feature)

Nagapanchami religious festival being observed (Photo Feature)

Hindus are observing the Nagapanchami festival today as per the time-honoured tradition. Nagapanchami is the festival dedicated to Naga or the serpent god. It is observed on the fifth day of the bright half of the Nepali month of Shrawan as per the lunar calendar. On this day, the head of the family pastes a picture of the Naga or the snake god above the main door of the house and offers worship to the serpent deity.

There is a religious belief that hanging a serpent picture in the house will avoid harm from snakes and scorpions, as well as fire and lightning.

Naga worship is thought to have originated during the Vedic period. Naga is regarded the king of snakes in Vedic mythology. On this day, worshipers flock to Naga temples in Kathmandu valley, including Nagpokhari, Taudaha, and Nagdaha.