Nov 29, 2023

Sinja festival organsied to make Kedarnath of Jumla a popular  tourist destination

Sinja festival organsied to make Kedarnath of Jumla a popular  tourist destination

KATHMANDU, August 30: Sinja Rural Municipality-4 of Jumla is making efforts to make Kedarnath, a religious pilgrimage site a major tourist destination in the region.
The rural municipality has organized a festival to promote the pilgrimage site and its spiritual and cultural importance outside the district. In addition to promoting internal and external tourism, the Kedarnath festival was organized from August 27 to August 29.

Chairman Purna Prasad Dhital of the rural municipality informed that the festival has helped popularize the region not only from Jumla but outside the district.

He said, 'Kedarnath, a historic religious pilgrimage site, is full of beautiful natural scenery, multi-religious, multi-ethnic, multilingual biological diversity and social diversity and historical special culture. To make Kedarnath known as a major tourist destination in the national and international world, a historical festival was organized in Kedarnath and celebrated grandly.” he said.

He remarked that organizing the festival has helped in the revival of local art, culture, and costumes. In the festival, apple stalls produced in Jumla, beans, and various woodwork materials used by ancestors were kept. According to resident Leela Rawat, these materials are the main attraction of the festival. To reach the festival, Sinja Rural Municipality has constructed a concrete bridge in Sangtakhola as well as Rudraprayag Shiva Mandir. In addition to recognizing Kafal Day, Khas Day, Khas Patro Public, and Apple Day, the festival also featured a cultural performance by the Indreni group.