Jul 16, 2024

Paragliding test flight conducted at Tulsipur

Paragliding test flight conducted at Tulsipur

DANG, August 30: A paragliding test flight was conducted at Chillikot, Tulsipur of Dang district. The flight test was conducted on Sunday and Monday from the hill of Gurudevi Payatakura in Chillikot, a religious and tourist place located in Tulsipur sub-metropolis-11, and a nearby hill in the Chillikot Durbar area.

Pilot Krishna Bahadur Chhetri who came from Pokhara completed the test flight. He said that the Chillikot area is suitable for paragliding geographically and environmentally. He said that paragliding can be done commercially from the hilly area of ​​Chillikot in the coming days.

The youth group, which has been operating a business in Pokhara, has conducted a test flight in Chillikot while searching for a new place. Baburam Ghimire, one of those youths, said that the test was successful and that after completing the necessary procedures, he would register professionally and proceed.