Nov 29, 2023

Ministry amending the Tourism Act

Ministry amending the Tourism Act

KATHMANDU, August 31:Minister of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, Sudan Kirati, has said that they are preparing to amend the Tourism Act.

On Monday, he stated that plans are being made to change the Tourism Act 2035 while speaking at a session of the Nepal Mountaineering Association.

The current law, according to Minister Kirati, does not cover all facets of tourism, and the ministry is working to modify it. Additionally, he stated that numerous laws and rules in Nepal need to be updated throughout time.

He stated that the failure to meet the goal was due to the inability of the law to be changed in light of the political shift. Despite the fact that the nation has been a republic for a very long time, he claimed that several rules and regulations are still in effect today despite though they were created during the monarchy.

In 2035, the Tourism Act was passed. The Act is still being put into practice. The Act was passed in 1974. According to Minister Kirati, a modification to the Act is necessary.

"The republic was brought by us. We are still using monarchy-era methods to achieve the republic's objectives, nevertheless. We have outdated laws, he remarked. The Tourism Act is effective as of 2035. It must be written. The period of drafting the Tourism Act has begun.

According to him, comments and recommendations have been sought regarding the Act's need for revision. He added that talks with the ministry's secretary are still ongoing. He argued that laws should be written to reflect the requirements of the day.

"We have obtained approval from the Council of Ministers and have given one month's notice to any groups and individuals who may have concerns in order to solicit their views. A tourism act that can accommodate all parties and comprehend the demands of the present is required. That is why we are moving in that direction.