Jul 16, 2024

Celebrating the 44th World Tourism Day: Embracing Sustainable Tourism and Green Investment

Celebrating the 44th World Tourism Day: Embracing Sustainable Tourism and Green Investment

KATHMANDU, Sep 27:September 27th marked the 44th World Tourism Day, a global event dedicated to promoting accessible tourism for all. On this day, various events were organized in Lalitpur's Patan Darbar area, jointly hosted by the Ministry of Tourism and the Lalitpur Metropolitan Municipality.

As part of the celebration, a rally was organized, starting from Patan Dhoka and culminating in Lalitpur's Patan Durbar area. The rally, combined with various cultural programs, exemplified Nepal's commitment to showcasing its cultural diversity and natural beauty.

Furthermore, the theme of this year's World Tourism Day was "Tourism and Green Investment," highlighting the importance of sustainable practices in the tourism industry. It aimed to draw attention to the potential of tourism as a driver for economic growth and environmental conservation.

During the event, Sudan Kirati, Minister at the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation, emphasized the need to promote and expand the tourism sector in Nepal. He stated, "We have originality within our boundaries, something that cannot be copied and duplicated. We must rebrand our Nepalese culture internationally and establish it as the new face of Nepal. With proper investment and promotion, Nepal's cultural heritage, natural sites, and adventurous attractions can be showcased to the world."

The event showcased Nepal's rich cultural heritage, stunning natural sites, and vibrant atmosphere, emphasizing its unique appeal to travelers worldwide. A formal program was held in the picturesque Patan Durbar area, providing a platform to discuss and celebrate the significance of sustainable tourism.

The Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation, Nepal Tourism Board, Department of Tourism, and other leading organizations in the tourism sector celebrated the day with a series of activities. These activities aimed to promote Nepal's abundant tourist attractions, encourage responsible tourism practices, and honor individuals and institutions making significant contributions to the tourism sector.

The 44th World Tourism Day also provided an opportunity to reflect on the importance of green investment in the tourism industry. Sustainable practices, such as responsible resource management and minimizing environmental impact, play a pivotal role in preserving Nepal's natural wonders for future generations.

The formal program held in the Patan Durbar area brought together stakeholders from the tourism industry, government officials, and local communities to discuss the implementation of green investment strategies. The discussions aimed to pave the way for a more sustainable and environmentally conscious tourism sector in Nepal.

The celebration of the 44th World Tourism Day in Nepal was not merely a one-day event but a catalyst for change and progress in the tourism sector. By embracing sustainable practices, promoting green investment, and showcasing the country's unique cultural heritage and natural beauty, Nepal is positioning itself as a leading destination for travelers seeking an authentic and responsible tourism experience.