Jul 16, 2024

Emerging Nepal's 8th AGM concluded

Emerging Nepal's 8th AGM concluded

KATHMANDU:Emerging Nepal Limited held its eighth annual general meeting in Kathmandu on Friday, December 1. 

The meeting included various agendas of the company. The board of directors' report of 2079-80, annual financial statement (balance sheet for the year 2079/80, profit and loss account and cash flow statement for the same period, including the schedules related to the annual financial statement) were passed by the assembly at 8.42105% (eight point Four two one zero five percent) has passed a resolution to distribute cash dividend (including tax purposes) amounting to Rs. 4,67,87,368.42 ( four crore sixty seven lakh eighty seven thousand three hundred sixty eight and forty two paise only).

This company, established with the aim of contributing to the country's economic development by investing in infrastructure development, will work to enter new investment dimensions in the coming days.