Jul 24, 2024

5th Jhamsikhel Street Festival is held on February 3rd

5th Jhamsikhel Street Festival is held on February 3rd

KATHMANDU:The Jhamsikhel Youth Club is organizing the 5th Jhamsikhel Street Festival on February 3rd. The festival is being organized to maintain the vibrancy of Jhamsikhel’s tourism sector.

Sandan Thapa Magar, Chairperson of Jhamsikhel Youth Club, added that the festival is part of the government's ongoing efforts to boost domestic tourism. The street event is organized every four years.

It started in 2008 and has been held in 2012, 2016, and 2019. According to the organizers, the street event will feature a rock concert with Mukti and Revival, Anuprastha, Cobweb, and a new addition, Brothers N Band. The festival also features standup comedy performances by Raja Rajendra, Purna Thapa, and Ravi Dangol, as well as Lok Dohori vocalists such as Komal Oli.

In addition, the streets of Jhamsikhel will have food, handicraft, and face painting vendors, as well as bingo and carnival activities for youngsters.