Jul 12, 2024

Pokhara entrepreneurs submitted memorandum to Minister of Culture after investment was at risk

Pokhara entrepreneurs submitted memorandum to Minister of Culture after investment was at risk

POKHARA, Feb 02:Pokhara tourism entrepreneurs have raised the attention of the government, saying that the private sector's investment of 6 trillion in Pokhara tourism is at risk.

Various tourism organizations in Pokhara have submitted a memorandum to Sudan Kirati, Minister of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation, stating that their 6 trillion investment is at risk because the Muglin-Pokhara road is in poor condition and the Pokhara International Airport is not functioning.

According to the memorandum submitted to Minister Kirati under the leadership of Pomnarayan Shrestha, chairman of the Pokhara Tourism Council, "In the current condition of the main roads connecting Pokhara, which is in the process of being declared as a tourist capital city, the current condition of the main roads connecting Pokhara is dire, so far, international flights have not been able to resume from Pokhara International Airport." The Nepal Tourism Board, which was founded to promote and expand tourism, has slowed since there is a need for greater marketing in the global market of Pokhara and overall tourism, which has received over 6 trillion in private sector investment.

Pokhara tourism entrepreneurs are dissatisfied with the Nepal tourist Board's lack of representation from Pokhara. He stated that Pokhara and its near tourism spots are in the shadows, and that it is sad that the board intended to promote tourism spends its funds on physical construction rather than promotion. He demanded that the board be given responsibility for the reason for which it was founded, emphasizing the importance of ensuring representation for people operating tourism enterprises in Pokhara.

It is mentioned in the memorandum that they are ready to recommend a representative so that there is a common representation.

The memorandum was signed by the heads of 19 tourism-related groups in Pokhara, including Shrestha, President of the Pokhara Tourist Council. In which Pawan Prajapati (Chairman, Pokhara Industry and Commerce Association), Laxman Subedi (President, Hotel Association Pokhara Nepal), Hariram Adhikari (President, NATTA Gandaki Province), Dharmaraj Panthi (President, TAAN Gandaki), Naresh Bhattarai (President, REBAN Pokhara) Bikash Gurung (President, Nepal Mountaineering Association, Gandaki), Sunil Bahadur Bhattarai (President, Nepal Air Sports Association), Indra Bhandari (President, EGA Pokhara), Pramod Bhandari (President, Tesa Pokhara), Durgadatta Dahal (President, Nepal Tourist Transport Association, Gandaki), Sobhakumari Adhikari (President, VITOF Gandaki), Sobhakant Paudel (President, Pokhreli Taxi Service Pvt Ltd), Birendra Lama (President, NARA Pokhara), Balram Giri (President, Phewa Dunga Business Committee), Uma Bhandari Regmi (President, Women Tourism Entrepreneurs Forum (WOTEF), Kamala Giri (President, Tourism Entrepreneur Women Association Nepal (TEWAN), Rupkaraj Mishra (President, Money changer association of pokhara) and Manshant Ghimire (President, Pokhara Bird Society).