Jul 12, 2024

Varnabas Museum Hotel started operations

Varnabas Museum Hotel started operations

KATHMANDU, Feb 02:The museum luxury hotel 'Varnabas Museum Hotel', which was erected in Kathmandu's Garidhara, has opened. Mingma David Sherpa, a world record mountaineer, inaugurated the hotel on Thursday.

Rajendra Bajgain, a tourism businessman and Nepali Congress MP, stated that the hotel will be received five-star rating. He went on to say, "Though the soft opening of the hotel has already been done, it has been officially opened and fully operational from Thursday."

The 'Varnabas Museum Hotel' features 48 rooms.  This hotel, which is said to have been built with an investment of 1 billion 16 million, is located in an area of about two ropani. The premium boutique hotel, which spans nine and a half floors, features 18 private jacuzzis.

Inside the hotel, certain costumes and galleries showcase Nepal's various castes. The building's peak is shaped like Mount Everest.