Jul 12, 2024

Hot Air Balloon Valentine's Day discount offer

Hot Air Balloon Valentine's Day discount offer

KATHMANDU, Feb 14:On Valentine's Day, Hot Air Balloon ride are offered at a special discount.

Balloon Nepal, Nepal's only hot air balloon operator, is offering a 14% discount on Valentine's Day. This promotion will be valid till February 20.

Nepali tourists must pay 9,500 rupees per person for the half-hour flight. Now, with a 14% discount, you may fly a hot air balloon for 8,170 rupees. To qualify for the discount, you must book for two people.

It can fly up to 9,000 feet from the surface of the ground and one can see Pokhara city, Fewatal, Pumdikot, and Sarangkot along with the vast snow chain.

Similarly, the Fishtail, Annapurna, and Dhaulagiri mountains, as well as several lakes, can be observed. Inside its 'envelope', which resembles a balloon, air is filled by fans.