Jul 13, 2024

International Flag Park opens in Pokhara

International Flag Park opens in Pokhara

POKHARA, Feb 20:International Flag Park has opened in Pokhara Metropolitan City Ward No. 9, Mahendrapul. Along with this, Pokhara has added a tourist attraction.

The International Flag Park, created in Ward No. 9 in Pokhara metropolis, has been handed over to the Pokhara metropolis city and has become a popular tourist destination.

Lions Club International District 325 I, J, K, L, and M provided support for the park's construction. The park was officially opened on Monday morning by Pokhara Metropolitan Chief Dhanraj Acharya and Lions Club International Director Balkrishna Burlakoti.

With its opening, the Pokhara metropolitan now owns the entire park. During the International Flag Park's inauguration and handover event, the Director of Lions Club International Burlakoti handed over the keys to the Metropolitan Chief Acharya.

The Lions Clubs are said to have spent approximately 70 lakh rupees on the creation of the International Flag Park. Dhanraj Acharya, the mayor of Pokhara, urged all groups to work together to promote the city's development.

He urged cooperation for the city's growth, stating that it cannot be accomplished alone through government efforts, just as the Lions Club International assisted in the construction of Flag Park.

Mayor Acharya said us that there would be an arranged park, bathroom, falcon, tea shop, newspaper, and digital display, as well as a flag park. He praised the Lions Club International District 325 I, J, K, L, and M for their cooperation.

Mayor Acharya stated that Flag Park will attract both international and domestic tourists. He stated that everyone will love their country and nationality, and that they will remember their country by feeling a connection to the flag park.

According to Lions International Director Balkrishna Burlakoti, Pokhara is already a lovely city, and Flag Park adds to that attractiveness.