Jul 12, 2024

Nepal Telecom will provide free Wi-Fi at all airports across Nepal

Nepal Telecom will provide free Wi-Fi at all airports across Nepal

KATHMANDU:Nepal Telecom company (NTC) has announced plans to provide free Wi-Fi internet connection at all of the country's airports.

NTC will provide free Wi-Fi internet access at Nepal's 34 airports.

NTC and the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) have struck an agreement in this regard.

The agreement was signed by Binita Shrestha, Chief Commercial Officer of Nepal Telecom, and Deputy Director General Jagannath Niraula, CAAN.

According to the agreement, Nepal Telecom would connect a free Wi-Fi network in the arrival and departure hall to the international and domestic terminals of Tribhuvan International Airport. The agreement states that free Wi-Fi internet service would be provided in additional airports in phases.

Similarly, an information and support room will be constructed at the airport to provide information about the company's services in convenient locations for passengers.

The CAAN will carry out the tasks required to provide a suitable location for connecting the devices for the operation and management of the free Wi-Fi network service, as well as other management.

Similarly, the CAAN will provide a location to store mobile charging stations for the convenience of passengers.

Previously, it was agreed that free Wi-Fi would be provided at the Tribhuvan International Airport Customs Office; however, Nepal Telecom now says that the service will be available throughout the airport.