Jul 12, 2024

8th Cabin Rohan Valley Tournament Begins

8th Cabin Rohan Valley Tournament Begins

KATHMANDU: The 8th Cabin Rohan Valley Tournament organized by Nepal Kyokshin Kaikan Elite Karate Association and The Kickboxing Association started today on Friday.

Indo-Nepal Competition and International Seminar and 8th Cabin Rohan Valley Competition were organized at Dakshinkali-1 Khare in Kathmandu. Culture, Tourism and Cooperation Minister Pukar Maharjan inaugurated the competition. Minister Maharjan said that sports are important for the development of tourism.

He said that in the next economic budget, things will also be mentioned for the development of sports. Dakshinkali municipality chief Mohan Bahadur Basnet, deputy chief Basanti Tamang Dangol have congratulated the competition. All seven provinces of Nepal and countries including India are participating in the competition.

International Kyokshin Kaikan Elite Association President Peter Lovell, Vice President Peter Hogarth, International Sabaki Karate-Do Teshinkai Organization Founder and President (Kancho) Berry Johnstone have participated in the competition. Vinod Gurung presided over the competition. The competition will continue till Sunday.